Your Total German Shepherd Dog – a Pet Owner’s Guide

Is a German Shepherd right for you? How will you know unless you read the owner’s manual? Too many pets are brought back to animal shelters or worse, because of inexperience owners. Not just these type of dogs, but any pet. You need to know as much about that breed before you take them home.

A former co-worker of mine decided to get a dog for their oldest son. Neither he nor his wife had ever owned a pet before. They were inexperience. After a month went by, I asked about their dog. My co-worker replied, “We brought him to the Human Society a couple of weeks ago. He was shedding too much and we were tired of vacuuming.”

If he had read the owner’s manual first, would they have brought that poor dog into their home to begin with? If they had done their research, my co-worker would have had an idea on if a pet of any kind was right for them.

None of my pets came with an owner’s manual. There were times that I wish they did. Even so, we have taken the time to research and train ourselves so that we can understand and be better pet owners.

How would you like to learn the secrets of having the healthiest and happiest canine possible without having to pay for an expensive training course?

Debbie Ray is the author of “Your Total German Shepherd Dog, A Pet Owner’s Guide” and she has over 35 years of experience raising German Shepherds. She has raised them from puppies to senior citizens. Debbie’s past experiences with her own dogs has given her an insight into this type of breed that few people have and she would like to share her knowledge with you. This 195 page book is very through and it answers just about any questions that you might have about your dog. Being a German Shepherd owner myself, I have learned so much from this ebook and Debbie offers.

Are you familiar with the health issues of this type of breed?

All breeds are known for their distinct health issues. No pet is maintenance free!
Here is a list of the Health problems of this type of dog. That does not mean your Shepherd will have these problems and it isn’t to discourage you from owning this beautiful dog. This is to make you aware of the potential problems before you bring home that cute little puppy.

1. Abnormal development of the hip joint.
2. Elbow Dysplasia: Improper development of the three bones making up the elbow. The joint is loose.
3. Panosteitis: A bone disease that can last as long as 18 months, that causes pain. Aspirin can be helpful in controlling the pain.
4. Von Willebrand’s Disease: is a blood disorder, a deficiency in clotting factor.
5. Progressive posterior paresis: is a neural condition, a paralysis of one or both hind legs.
6. Bacterial infections an skin allergies.
7. Abnormal growth of tissue or tumor.
8. Inflammation of the cornea and is potentially blinding.
9. Abnormal openings around the dog’s anal area which soon get badly infected and can be painful.
10. Disease of the heart muscle.

The best way to keep your dog healthy is to find a reputable breeder. Or if you are looking into a rescue shelter, find out if they have up to date information on the dog. And always keep regular scheduled visits with your veterinarian.

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